About Us

We trust in the creation of modern socio-economic ecosystems built around the sharing of human and physical resources, including shared creation, production, distribution and consumption of goods and services by different people and organisations, building long-term visions with great impact on everyday life.

Our Interests

Online marketplace

P2P marketplaces connect individuals and enable transactions between them. These marketplaces are an evolution from the traditional B2B and B2C marketplaces.


The increasingly popular gig economy is part of a shifting cultural and business environment, in which independent workers seek short-term employment.

Disruptive models

We embrace innovations that shape everyday life. We believe in creating a new market and value network to become new leaders of the modern economy.

Who We Are

We believe in a world in which IT solutions provide people from all around the globe with the means to simplify their life to the fullest, incorporating ideas of the sharing economy into our main business goals.

Rafał Pindral

CEO & Co-founder

Krzysztof Fudali

CTO & Co-founder

Mariusz Kierski

CTO & Co-founder

Karolina Kochman

CMO & Co-founder
Rafał has experience in managing the development of IT projects and teams starting from the first days of product existence. He's a visionary problem solver, with a passion for the newest technologies, trends and disruptive business models.
Krzysiek is very results-driven entrepreneur and software engineer with background in both Fortune 500 and start-up environments. His professional experience ranges from business development to project management, as well as negotiations and time management.
Karolina's main area of interest are marketing and research. She has good knowledge in customer acquisition strategies and marketing planning.
Rafał Pindral
Krzysztof Fudali
Karolina Kochman

Our Project

Jobbee is a two-sided on-demand service marketplace, where users can get in touch with each other to either outsource or carry out small tasks.

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  • 15 Years To Conquer the world
  • 101 Percent Dedication To Project
  • 88 Motivated Team Members

Fun Fact

Did you know that Diamonds are the hardest substance on the planet?

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We are an open-minded people with whom you can freely talk about new business oportunities. Don't hestitate to contact us ;]

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